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August 12, 2013
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Lexus Jager by Robrtn33 Lexus Jager by Robrtn33
The Jager concept features a bold eye-catching blue that has a brilliant blue metallic flake.
The front has a small revision that extends the front fangs and protrudes them just a little bit.
The sides have a vent cut behind the wheel and then a molded body kit binds the vent to the side skirt.
The side skirt has a similar aero bit at the end that is similar to the one located at the front of the car.
The rear also gets this treatment as well as a revised rear bumper to give the car a more well rounded look.
The car has a lowered suspension set up and sits on lightweight, 20', six spoke, satin, metallic gun metal, racing wheels that each have one spoke wrapped in a yellow orange vinyl.
The emblems and chrome bits have been blacked out for an aspect of stealth.
The car also has window tints to add to the stealthiness.

The IS F Sport Jager is a balanced track and luxury car, it has the power, handling upgrades, and looks to have you stand out and turn heads while you fly through corners and rocket down straights. The car can transition smoothly from track to busy city and still maintain it's high quality ride and comfort. The design changes were meant to be small more impacting changes and took influence from some of Lexus' previous models.
josephmaher Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Professional
Great job man, im sorry about the shit judging.
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